Dear Colleagues and Friends,

All together, our faculty as the coordinator, and our dear partners from the Tyndall Institute, the IHP Institute and the University of Granada, are successfully bringing our ELICISR project to an end. We had the misfortune that a few months after the start of the project, the Covid 19 virus appeared, so it was very difficult to carry out the planned activities. As the project coordinator, I am very happy to have collaborated with exceptional colleagues from partner institutions, as well as dear colleagues from my faculty, so it was a real pleasure to coordinate this project.

One of the last planned activities is the organizing of a scientific symposium within the project, which I am also sure will be successfully implemented.

I invite all colleagues who deal with the research areas of the symposium to take part in the international ELICSIR projects symposium, where they will have the opportunity to present their scientific achievements, exchange their experiences and knowledge with other colleagues.

See you in Niš!

Best regards,
Goran Ristić ORCID iD icon,
Chairman of ELICSIR Project Symposium